Thursday, March 24, 2011

special kid.

This kid that I'm dancing with is special.
He's going to Manila in the Philipines for two years.
He'll be serving the Lord.
He looks good in a suit yeah?
Good, because he'll be wearing
them for two years straight.
He'll be missed. Lots.
After all, he is my taxi driver?!
I love my taxi driver :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I've started school at Launceston College this year.
I'm going to use this as an excuse for not having blogged.
Even though you all know that it's just because I'm lazy and
can't be bothered.
I have HEAPS of homework.
It's a little bit crazy considering that I went from
Deloraine high which had roughly 200 students and
no homework at all, to something ridiculous like
1,500 students and 4 assignments a week.
I am coping though, just.
I'm travelling from Deloraine to Launceston everyday.
Some may think this is no big deal, but it's an
hour each way! That's a lot of time on a bus.
So if you haven't seen me around lately,
it's because I'm studying, at school or on a bus.
I'm going to try and blog though.
I've got so many cool things I could be blogging too.
Anyway, just filling you in.
If anyone reads this ...
Actually, can you comment if you do read my
blog ? I'd love to know who actually reads it.
I know I only read a few and mainly look at the pictures
on other blogs :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


If you know me,
you know that I love photography.
If you really really know me,
you know that I've always wanted my own
Nikon SLR.
Well I got one.
This photo is of me trying to hide
my excitement on Christmas morning.
I went and picked the camera out with
Mum, Aunty Kristen & Uncle Steph.
Its good shopping with them because
they work hard to get the best deal they can.
Mum & Kristen intimidate the salesman by
staring them down and Uncle Steph does the talking.
I got a really good deal.
Mum & Dad paid for some of it for Christmas
and I had to pay off the rest.
Well I did it!
I worked most of these holidays and became
debt free late last week.
Its a fantastic feeling :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Call me ?

A long time ago I got a phone.
A chocolate phone.
This was Mum's idea of a joke since
she wouldn't let me get a real one.
I sat it in the fridge for a long time,
determined not to eat it until I got a real phone.
Because I'm a very clever teenager,
I conned my mother into giving me her phone
along with some help of a friend.
So, it was time to eat the chocolate one.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


See this lady.
The blonde smiley one?

Thats Toni.
She's my famous cousin.
The creator of
'Make It Perfect"
'QLD Flood Appeal Auction'.
She's pretty amazing hey?
Click on the little 'Toni' to check out her
and her amazingness.
It's all pretty impressive.
Because I'm a slack blogger and not a very
creative person, I'm just going to put the link here.
Just to show you how awesome she is.


Rumour has it that she wouldn't have done
half of this with out her little helpers.

Helper #1

The King.

From what I gather, this lady has been assisting
in quite a lot of the Flood Appeal managing.
Obviously I'm not all that cluey and don't know
all the details. But from what I understand
she has uploaded a heap of photos of the items for
auctioning on facebook.
How amazing!?
Lucky she can upload photos to any site with her
eyes closed :)
Check out her amazingness at the little


Helper #2

Carli, the sister.

I don't know Carli too well, but I do
know that she's supported
Toni through
this Flood Appeal.
I've seen a few comments saying
"Carli, get off my account"
which means Carli has been helping out
on Toni's account.
Carli is pretty amazing.
Her kids are really cute too.
And how gorgeous is this picture?
I wish it was me looking that great in this picture.
Check out her amazingness here.

Well, check out their blogs.
Check out the million action items.
Its so much fun!
These girls are doing an awesome job.
I'm certain there are so so many more people
supporting Toni in the world of blogging and sewing
that I am unaware of.
I think its all a little unreal.
Doesn't really sink into my head how great this is.
Can you believe that they have already raised
$45,000 ?
Does that seem crazy to you?
It does to me.
Amazing people.
Just ...

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

One War, Three Pains

As I sit, with paper and pen,
I struggle to know where to begin.
What do I say to the one I love?
About the kids or all of the above?
How do I show him how proud I am?
To get him home from Vietnam.

As I sink in the mud to my knees,
A message comes from over seas.
I feel my wife from the inside,
I feel the tears that she has cried.
I wish to hold my children dear,
They would wash away my fear.

My Daddy’s not home, he’s far away,
So Mummy and I kneel to pray.
We bless the strong men and the nurses too,
While we sit in the church on a full pew.
I hope he comes so that we can play,
For Mummy’s baby is due in May.

Thats my poem that I had to write for an ANZAC assembly and that Mrs Sydes made me submit to the school's poetry competition. I won it ! A whole $10 to spend at the canteen :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I'm a big fan of retro things. I really like it. So when I was exploring an old run down house with a friend for a photoshoot, (big sentence!) , I was very excited to see this hot pink retro wallpaper. I love it! I hate pink, but would have this in my house!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Went to the footy on Saturday.
Thought I'd support the Crows for the day.
Sadly the Hawks won.
Oh well.
(photo by Lisa King)

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Del High Party!

In the last couple of weeks of school Del High had their first social for the year! Being a part of the SEC (Student Executive Council) we had the chance to help organise it. Took a while getting everything ready but was so worth it. The theme was movie/tv characters and there were quite a few awesome costumes! I went as a hippy from 'The Hippy Movie' (truth is there is no hippy movie, but I just had all the clothes). Courtney (on the left) and Lauree (on the right) went as genies. It was such a fun night. We had live music from our school bands, they did awesome. I danced crazy all night long, just like I would at a youth dance. A few people asked me if I'd been drinking! Whats with that? Aren't I allowed to have fun and go crazy and be sober at the same time? :) haha, it was a great night!! :D I can't wait for next terms, we hope to get even more people there! :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Card Castle.

One Sunday arvo two friends played games.
They ended up getting distracted and made a card castle.
Then they got another one of their friends to take
pictures as they blew it down.
Here's some cool pictures from this eventful Sunday arvo ...

The End.