Thursday, March 24, 2011

special kid.

This kid that I'm dancing with is special.
He's going to Manila in the Philipines for two years.
He'll be serving the Lord.
He looks good in a suit yeah?
Good, because he'll be wearing
them for two years straight.
He'll be missed. Lots.
After all, he is my taxi driver?!
I love my taxi driver :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I've started school at Launceston College this year.
I'm going to use this as an excuse for not having blogged.
Even though you all know that it's just because I'm lazy and
can't be bothered.
I have HEAPS of homework.
It's a little bit crazy considering that I went from
Deloraine high which had roughly 200 students and
no homework at all, to something ridiculous like
1,500 students and 4 assignments a week.
I am coping though, just.
I'm travelling from Deloraine to Launceston everyday.
Some may think this is no big deal, but it's an
hour each way! That's a lot of time on a bus.
So if you haven't seen me around lately,
it's because I'm studying, at school or on a bus.
I'm going to try and blog though.
I've got so many cool things I could be blogging too.
Anyway, just filling you in.
If anyone reads this ...
Actually, can you comment if you do read my
blog ? I'd love to know who actually reads it.
I know I only read a few and mainly look at the pictures
on other blogs :)